Being a Rotarian not only benefits the communities your serve, but it's immensely fulfilling for each of us to be a part of the Rotary Family, and make a positive difference in the world. There are over 43,000 Rotary members in Great Britain and Ireland.


London​​ is a melting pot of different culture and nationalities. there's never been a better time to join Rotary in London!


Rotary members meet interesting people from our neighbourhoods, and we expand both our professional and social networks - this promotes peace and understanding wherever we volunteer.


Rotary is a "Service above Self" organisation. It's not about just raising money, although money is needed to carry our projects we are called to support. We get involved. We actively engage and participate in  our local communities, as well as all around the world.


It's an opportunity to tackle local and international issues that are important to us and our fellow club members. At the same time, we meet Rotarians around the world who become friends, we strengthen bonds between individuals, communities and organisations, and we collaborate together in making the world a better place.

From weekly meetings and club projects, to fundraisers and networking events, our members develop skills that help make them better individuals, community leaders and humanitarians.




Through Rotary, our members are exposed to other professions and opportunities to broaden their perspectives, which give rise new thoughts and understanding of the world around us.

Being a Rotarian in an active club gives you the chance to develop skills like public speaking, project management, and event planning. We grow in our professional and personal lives - the more you put in, the more you get out.


As a Rotarian, we connect with other members, family members, and Rotaract members who are experts in a particular field by joining a Rotarian Action Group. Group members share their expertise by collaborating with clubs and districts on service projects.


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Interested in scuba diving or marathon running? Want to use your skills as a doctor or environmentalist to make a difference?


Rotarians share their hobby or vocation with fellow club members, their spouses, and Rotaractors through Fellowship Groups. Some Rotary Fellowships are purely social, and others use their common interests and knowledge to carry out service projects.


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Rotarians expand their club connections to the world by developing a twin club relationship, organising a Friendship Exchange, joining a Rotarian Action Group or Rotary Fellowship, or hosting an Open World visit. With more than 35,000 Rotary clubs worldwide, you have a friend in Rotary wherever you go, whether it be on a business trip or a holiday!


Twin clubs, or sister clubs, are two clubs from different countries that form a long-term relationship to promote international understanding and goodwill and carry out service projects in their communities. When looking for a partner, Rotary clubs consider other clubs that:

  • Share similar interests, challenges, or history

  • You’ve worked with in the past

  • Are located in a place that matches our club’s service interests

  • Speak a common language or challenge our members to learning a new one!


An inter country committee offers you the chance to work with Rotary clubs or districts in two or more countries. You might work with a committee to carry out international service projects, to sponsor a new Rotary club, or to develop a twin club relationship.


Find out more on Inter-country Committees.


Explore new cultures and discover diverse perspectives by participating in a Friendship Exchange, a self-funded international exchange opportunity for Rotary members and their families. Taking part in an exchange is a wonderful way to make new friends and establish international service partnerships.