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Each Rotary Club is in the unique position of being rooted within our own communities,

but with a global outlook.


Where others see problems, we see solutions: tapping into our professional skills, expertise and knowledge to make a  difference. Rotarians use their time, energy and passion to tackle

challenges both at home and abroad, by mobilising their communities to get the job done.

If you'd like to test the water...how about doing a bit of volunteering with a Rotary Club in your area?  There are so many projects and activities for you to get involved in as part of Rotary.

This will give you a flavour of projects in the London Rotary District 1130.  


There is a database of projects - here is another project list in England from Rotary Showcase.



  • Rotarians identify where help is needed in our communities, that fall within the seven areas of focus.

  • We work on strategic long-term solutions and come up with ideas to help solve the problems that have been identified.

  • Rotarians call on our global network to help turn our ideas and vision into concrete action that creates lasting change.

  • By creating opportunities, we supporting those who need it most, with a 'hand up" to transform their lives.

  • Rotarians follow up, support and troubleshoot, making sure that any project we do is sustainable and has longevity.

Rotary's impact in the world relies solely on the motivation and engagement of its members - it starts with YOU! Rotary Showcase is a searchable database of club projects across the world. The United Kingdom is divided into England, Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales.


See how you can begin your journey to becoming a Rotarian.


Marlow Bridge Rotary Club (above) is involved in a challenge for a world record …