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Rotarians are ordinary men and women from our communities who know that volunteering is a wonderful fulfilling opportunity to give something back to society, and make the world a better place.


They may have been a Rotary Exchange Student, a Global Scholar, or they may have been helped by Rotary in time way during their life.  They could have been active in their Interact Club at School, volunteered at a Rotary event or seen Rotarians at work and thought....I want to do this too!


Self- development and achieving together

"My father was (and still is) a Rotarian, so I already knew something about Rotary when I joined. Being in Rotary has given me the opportunity to use and further develop transferable skills such as leadership and speaking in public. Working with so many like-minded people from such diverse backgrounds has opened my eyes to the world outside and how we can achieve so much together."   - Shirley K

Service Above Self

"I joined Rotary because I loved Rotary's core values, ethos, ideals and its all encompassing understanding of humanity worldwide. Rotary's  diversity and "Service Above Self" motto, provided the inspiration and platform for me to join like-minded people, to help communities and make a difference to people's lives everywhere. All this whilst networking,  developing skills, having fun, and making lifelong friends."  - Helen A

I needed the money!

"I joined Rotary because l needed the money. Rotary International has a vast network of professional volunteers around the world with a Foundation that supports projects financially. In order to carry out a project to help the street children in Ethiopia, Rotary supported the project financially and with the advice and guidance of Rotarians in Ethiopia and England. I could not have completed this alone.   - Tony S

Teamwork, friendship and collective commitment

When I was invited to join Rotary by a friend, who was held in high esteem in the local community, my knowledge of the organisation was nil. The warmth of welcome was overwhelming and I had to wonder how I had missed out on membership earlier. Immediately I was amongst friends, all intent upon giving help and service to those who needed it most.  Local and international projects grabbed my attention leading to a deeper involvement. However, it was the teamwork, the friendship and the collective commitment that held the whole thing together for me. Now, forty years on, my enthusiasm is undiminished, the changes in lifestyles and availability of free time notwithstanding, I am excited by the new opportunities available to both new and long standing members. - David P

A way of life

"My neighbours always had Rotary Exchange Students to stay in their home, and as a teenager I met many lovely people from all over the world . Their daughter went to Australia as a Rotary Exchange Student, and she came back bubbling over with a love of life and full of stories to tell, and it inspired me to aim for the goal of going on Rotary Exchange for a year. Striving for, and achieving this goal, changed my life in 1991 when I went to New Mexico, USA, with Rotary. Now I am giving back to my community, inspiring youth with the same energy and enthusiasm that encouraged me on my life journey. It's incredibly rewarding."   - Louise M

Giving back​

"I decided to join Rotary because I want to give back and help the community. Rotarians are people of action with passion, energy, and intelligence and their cause is huge all over the world. If I start giving back what I have learned in life, people will definitely start helping me when I am in need. In this way, I will contribute to build a better community, as Rotarians have been doing it for more than 110 years."   - Ali A

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